Below are a few of the comments Kenny’s Tree & Crane has received from our customers.

Kenny’s company was the only company with the guts to remove my very difficult tree. Then they charged well below 4 other company estimates I received. It was quite a precise operation; we were very impressed by how they cut and removed each limb. Nothing came over into our yard, just some sawdust. They guys were very professional. The crane work was awesome. Thanks everybody!!!!
Pete Dolan

We have a two story house and the trees being removed were in the backyard. Two of the trees were lThese guys plucked 52 trees, all over 100 foot tall, out of obnoxious locations at my residence and processed them in 1 day with stumps removed. The crew was very well organized, equipped with new gear, safe and courteous. The entire nieghborhood gathered just to watch, thier still talking about it and it’s been over a year ago. I could’ve paid for the job had I sold popcorn and beverages. 1st Class performance while strangely being the lowest bidder. Thank you Kenny.
Charles Campbell

We have a two story house and the trees being removed were in the backyard. Two of the trees were large oaks, one was a large poplar, and one was a smaller oak. I can tell you I was quite nervous about having a crane reach over our house to carry over large sections of trees. The job performed by Kenny’s Tree and Crane, as well as Reliable Tree Service, was phenomenal. As the day went on and I observed how well the teams functioned together, I became more at ease and was able to appreciate their work without the anxiety. The courtesy and professionalism of the teams with each other and to us was a comfort. What they do is a serious job and the knowledge of their craft and teamwork was apparent.

I would definitely use Kenny’s Tree and Crane for future tree removals. Thank you for the work that you do!
Sharon Hoover

From the moment Kenny and his team arrived, I knew that I had made the Right choice-as he quickly surveyed my Entire property to discern the Safest and most efficient manner in which to accomplish the job. Kenny was also quick to answer all the Questions we had. When it came to the Actual removal, it was done with the Utmost Professionalism – and with the least amount of Disturbance to my property. His entire Team was courteous and Respectful throughout – to both my Family and Neighbors. After the Tree had been removed, they also did a Great Job cleaning up the debris and leaving my property tidy and neat.

Kenny and his Team are a Real Credit to their Trade – and I would Strongly recommend them, without Hesitation, to anyone who needs the same kind of work done.

Steve R. Spain (President – Spain Commercial Inc.)

These guys are the best! We had two huge trees removed in a difficult location with no problem. His crew showed up complete with a highly functional array of equipment. Everyone had their place and worked together never skipping a beat. In a short period of time, the trees were down, chopped up, chipped and roots gone with little mess left behind.
Stephanie Deas

Safe, well organized operation where all employees knew exactly what to do. The job was completed with no wasted time. The owner/manager of the tree service coordinated a well orchestrated job. I am very, very pleased.
Dan Emberton

I was initially apprehensive about having numerous large trees removed, but I needed them removed and the quote was an excellent price. Kenny and his crew showed up on time and went right to work. It was obvious that each team member knew their role well and they were very efficient at completing their tasks. I was impressed with the control and safety in which the trees were brought down, which quickly alleviated any of my concerns. By the end of the day, the trees were down and removed, the stumps had been ground, and the crew had cleaned up. I was so pleased with the job that I have already suggested the service to multiple friends and family.
Tresa Maynor

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you have done for us the past few times you have been on our jobs and for me personally. Your team at KLJ has done a great job taking our trees down and removing our stumps in a professional manner and safely as I would expect from a company like yours. Your prices are very competitive and fair, and as a business owner and homeowner, that really resonates with me. Also for utilizing your boom truck for various lifts for us as a company and at a great cost saving as well. Your team has always done a great job of cleaning up the job site upon completion of the task. I look forward to working with you in the future and will continue to pass your name out to all of my friends and constituents in my business arena.
Thanks again.
Wayne Drewry (Wayne Drewry Custom Homes & Remodeling)

In August of 2011 our church was severely damaged by Hurricane Irene. Not only did we need to have our entire roof replaced, we needed a new steeple. Needless to say, steeples are heavy and awkward. Our contractor, Acelution, contacted Kenny Jutras from Kenny’s Tree and Crane. He came with the right equipment, the proper harnesses, and the expertise to get the job done without the slightest problem. Within a few hours the old steeple was removed and the new steeple was put in its place.

Kenny’s Tree and Crane, as well as Acelution, did a wonderful job. With no reservation I can highly recommend their work as skilled professionals!

If you would like to see the steeple for yourself it is located on our main sanctuary at First Calvary Baptist, 162 Allegheny Road in Hampton, VA.
Pastor Mark D. Boyd

KLJ, Inc. is awesome! Whenever we need a job done, Mr. Jutras is who we know we can rely on. His work is done in a timely manner, the price is very reasonable and most importantly the job is done right the first time. Save yourself the time of calling around and getting quotes from different companies. KLJ, Inc. will do everything possible to make you happy. The company is run by a very honest, reliable and responsible person. Quality and someone that takes pride in his work…isn’t that the kind of company everyone wants working for them?
From very satisfied customers,
Glenn and Mary Holland (Snap-On Tools)

We highly recommend KLJ, Inc. They took down five trees on our property and did an excellent job! We called them back later to do some work in my mom’s yard and once again, they did a great job. They are timely, they have fair prices and stand behind their work. Any time anyone asks us for the name of a good tree removal company, we recommend KLJ, Inc.
Terry and Kenny Roberts

Kenny has been helping me with tree removal for many years now. I think it says a lot that I always call him back. He has removed trees from the two houses we have lived in and has helped us at our business. He always shows up on the day he promises and his crew works quickly and thoroughly. His prices are very fair. I would recommend him to all. I also must mention that he has a kind heart for the wildlife and always makes sure that he doesn’t hurt them.
Ariane Glagola